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Manufacturer discount terms for your business

As part of your KeyFleet Manager value added service delivery, and based upon your fleet size and change cycles, KeyFleet will negotiate on your behalf with the motor manufacturers to secure additional financial support.

Manufacturers regularly supply fleets with additional support, both financially and or through after-sales maintenance subsidy in return for a minimum volume order commitment of their marque.

There are various types of volume commitment deals to be negotiated, based upon your appetite and the overall size of the opportunity:
A ‘solus’ badge deal, where you commit all your fleet orders to one manufacturer
A ‘dual’ badge deal, where you split your fleet across two manufacturers
A ‘tri’ badge deal, where you split your fleet across three manufacturers

KeyFleet mange the process from start to finish, look after all the appointments, negotiations and present through the KeyFleet Manager a range of manufacturer support terms for you to consider that are tailored bespoke to your needs.

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