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Whole Life Costs for Fleets

Is your existing fleet policy based around p11d value or monthly rental? You’re in the majority, but there’s a better way, a more logical way.

By understanding the Whole Life Cost of a vehicle you can understand the true and full running costs of your fleet. Factors include: funding costs, depreciation, maintenance, dis-allowable VAT, Class 1 NIC, insurance, fuel and even corporation tax. Many fleet operators focus so much on the funding and rental costs that influential factors such as fuel and maintenance go unnoticed.

As part of a sole supply agreement your Leasing Consultant can help you build a policy around whole life costs and use these figures to help you make decisions on an order to order basis or as part of a pre agreed vehicle replacement program.

A recent example we worked on saw a Skoda with a £7100 higher list price and a £11pm cheaper lease rental actually cost a business an extra £1900 over 3 years than a BMW. This client ran 36 of these vehicles. That’s a saving of almost £69k over 3 years (if they ran 36 of them).

Happy client, happy drivers. Even if you run a smaller fleet, this same logic should be applied to even a single vehicle selection.

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