About Us

About KeyFleet

The company was established in late 2007, and incorporated in March 2008, by brothers Lee and Marc Mcloughlin as a vehicle supply, finance and leasing brokerage based in Accrington, Lancashire. Originally the business was almost wholly focussed on retail offer based vehicle leasing to both private and business clients in the UK – now represented by our KeyFleet Direct brand and website – located at www.keyfleetdirect.co.uk.

As the business and the team grew so did the demands of our client base, which was increasingly the small to medium size business operating 10 or more vehicles. Whilst our business ethos is to always over deliver and nurture relationships we developed into two clear approaches of both an price driven online leasing model and a field based local account manager business focussed on providing holistic fleet solutions and added value.

In 2012 we entered the fleet management arena following consultation with 16 of our 10+ vehicle business clients and asked them what other fleet tasks we could help them with up and above the supply of vehicles and finance. The response we received was vast but unsurprisingly common across nearly all the clients but generally focussed around Compliance, Costs, Risk, Administration and Management.

Armed with this valuable insight we created what we believe is the most comprehensive, flexible and effective range of fleet management solutions available to the SME market available in the UK today.

What we do

We understand that operating a fleet, especially for businesses that don’t have a transport or fleet manager, is a sizeable task and many areas need a degree of control and management that often crosses several desks or departments.

More and more businesses are looking to simplify or even outsource this key function as a full time qualified fleet manager is generally not viable for many companies – yet the tasks remains very important.

So what exactly is fleet management? Maintenance, breakdowns, accidents, trackers? Well the answer is – yes. It’s all part of it. It’s about understanding your legal obligations in respect of the 4 pillars – the Company/Management, the Drivers, the Vehicles and the Journeys. Getting a framework in place that includes policies, driver management and vehicle management. Making smart decisions about the right type of vehicles and funding and then working out what’s involved to manage the vehicles and drivers on a day-to-day basis and what tools and resource you need to execute your fleet policy. Driver handbooks, licence checking and driver training all have a part to play but how will you approach this, who will do it and when?

KeyFleet offers a full service, consultative service to help address these challenges through:

  • Being a great supplier and partner – you ask, we deliver with supply, funding, rental and maintenance.
  • DIY – we support you with the tools you need to manage your own fleet such as software and licence checking.
  • Part outsourced – we work with you as a partner to share the workload and help you meet your objectives.
  • Fully outsourced – we take control of your entire fleet operation and your objectives become our objectives.

If you are feeling as though you may have some fleet risk exposure, cost leakages or just that your fleet isn’t as organised as it could be and you would like to get more control then we can help.

We offer a complimentary consultative meeting to help understand you challenges and objectives which allows us to prescribe the most suitable service or solutions from our product range.

More fleet; more problems? Contact us today on 03303 13 11 11 or sales@keyfleet.co.uk.