Staff Development

Continuous development is fundamental to the success of both the employee and the company.

During our teams employment, a personal development plan measures their progression and include:

  • A Manager / Director who will review your performance and development
  • A quota of training courses will be available to you
  • A Director mentor will support and encourage your career development

We fully fund, support and encourage team members to achieve higher qualifications in our sector. Once you have the inspiration to start further training, we will be there to give you direction and guidance.

Regular performance reviews against pre-set KPi’s provide team members with the opportunity to develop new disciplines. These reviews ensure that our team receives constant support and feedback, allowing them to maximise their potential.

Contributory Learning

Life outside work is up to you, but you may wish to consider learning a new pastime or skill.

Our contributory learning programme is available subject to the discretion of the company and is subject to over achievement of the employees KPI’s as an initial qualifier.  Under such cases we will contribute to your chosen course or lessons. It can be work or business-related, but it doesn’t have to be. We are just as happy to contribute to your interests in sport, music, culture or even learning a new language.

We are committed to your development and will be delighted to help make your out of work education a little easier.

Flexible Working

We respect and understand that the need for a good work-life balance is important. We do not encourage you to work excessive hours or expect overtime as part of the day job.

Being flexible to our employees ensures we get the best out of them. Adopting a flexible working policy ensures we can tailor the job to meet individual needs.

The key objective is to ensure that job requirements are satisfied and your personal development is fulfilled. This way we achieve happier more productive people and higher levels of customer service.


KeyFleet employs experienced people whose first priority is the customer. Our people understand that the customer is king and that they make paydays happen.

This philosophy is embedded in our culture and is adopted at board level all the way through to our recruitment policy to ensure only like-minded people join our winning team.

Brand Culture

The KeyFleet core brand value is defined by business attributes and delivered with passion, we require our people to be an extension of our brand and encapsulate our visions to be:

  • Engaged & Listeners
  • Boundless energy (born of addiction)
  • Striving for innovation through creativity (without horizons)
  • Creating customer value through service (going the extra mile)
  • Self-questioning & challenging – never settling for today’s success
  • Transparency of products – generating trust