Burnley FC are amongst the latest KeyFleet clients to embrace the new vehicle technology available and include hybrid electric vehicles on their fleet.

As a Premier League football club its important for both their image and Corporate Social Responsibility  that they look to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

One of the ways of doing that is to introduce a policy, where possible, to run an ultra low emission vehicle.

Not only does it help them reduce the carbon footprint but there has also been a reduction in total cost of ownership by adding these vehicles to their fleet.

Dave Turner head of sales for KeyFleet said ‘We worked closely with both Ian and Doug at BFC to fully understand what these vehicle were being used for, we then helped them to understand the cost benefits of running an ultra low emission vehicle for both the business and the driver and to make sure that it fell in line with the clubs CSR.’

NOTE – We hope to have some pictures available on the site once the vehicles are delivered – watch this space!