Still using paper and spreadsheets across multiple departments in an attempt to organise and control your fleet?

KeyFleet has launched a 24/7, FREE online fleet management system to help provide cost, control and convenience to multi-tasking SME managers.

A recent study by the RAC found that 80% of business have an individual within their business spending less than 6 hours per week managing the fleet whilst trying to perform other core job tasks.

They include a combination of general management, finances, sales, marketing, HR … the list goes on.

When it comes to prioritising all these responsibilities often the fleet falls down the list as its complex and difficult for the person concerned.

In particular, stress levels reach boiling point for those SME managers who look after between 10-50 vehicles, the study showed, with 49% saying they were stressed and 6% saying they were ‘very stressed’.

KeyFleet’s software Keys is aimed at helping businesses address those issues and more in a streamlined way that provides control and convenience as well as cost and time efficiencies for SMEs.

Keys Features:

  1. Direct DVLA lookup for MOT, RFL and Vehicle Data
  1. Mobile login for remote vehicle checks
  2. Manage and store licence checking data for drivers
  3. Full easy to use reporting suite
  4. Manage all your invoices for maintenance, fines and costs


So, what are you waiting for? Download the free software HERE and start regaining control of your fleet today!

Turn your Spreadsheet Warriors into Software Samurais!