KeyFleet service

Fleet Analysis Report

360* fleet review covering three core areas of Compliance, Procurement and Management.

Managing a fleet isn’t always straight forward – especially for non qualified staff – a number of essential areas can be overlooked.

KeyFleet F.A.R. is a complimentary review designed for company fleet operators to get a bird’s eye view of the way they are sourcing, funding and manging their drivers, vehicles and compliance requirements.

KeyFleet F.A.R. provides a holistic but high-level overview of a companies fleet management position.

  • Risk & Compliance – Are you compliant with all of the existing legislation, aware of your obligations and actively managing your risk?
  • Procurement – Are you selecting the most suitable and cost-effective vehicles, negotiating the very best terms and funding them in the most advantageous and tax efficient method?
  • Ongoing Management – Do you or your staff have the time or experience to manage the day to day requirements of your fleet? Or are you trying to manage on a job share basis but find yourself short on time and expertise?

Download F.A.R. Product Sheet PDF

KeyFleet F.A.R. features:

  • Driving for work compliance
  • Vehicle selection & funding
  • Journey logging & fuel reclaim
  • Day-to-day management requirement
  • 8 page action plan for staged improvements
  • Pro advice delivered by KeyFleet Consultant

Why risk starting off in the wrong direction, regardless of how good your preparation is, if you are on the wrong course your results will not provide the desired outcome?

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