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Welcome to KeyFleet and thank you for considering us for your company fleet requirements

KeyFleet’s products have been built specifically to service the diverse automotive market and to ensure the unique products it supplies are defined easily for its customers and partners to meet each sector.

We deliver client focused solutions to private individuals, small business and large corporate clients.

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What problems, concerns or issues are you having running your fleet and managing your drivers?”

It’s a simple question.

It’s exactly the same question we asked of our client base. The answers were wide and varied but ultimately revolved around common areas…

Costs, Legal & Risk, Drivers, Vehicles, Maintenance and Administration

We discovered several truths about SME fleet operators, in fact, many businesses operating between 10-150 vehicles..:

  • Do not employ a dedicated Fleet Manager and try to manage the fleet on a ‘job share’ basis
  • Are not aware of their legal obligations and are operating illegally with 9 out of 10 SMEs that would fail an inspection by the HSE
  • Are concerned about the best way to purchase or finance vehicles
  • Feel as though their fleet is disorganised and out of their control
  • Don’t have the time or expertise to manage their fleet
  • Are not sure which vehicles they should use on their fleet
  • Feel as though they are over spending on maintenance
  • Find drivers difficult to deal with and find arranging vehicles a chore
  • Are concerned about accidents and rising insurance premiums
  • Would like to reduce their ever increasing fuel bill
  • Use manual systems like spreadsheets or manual records

Does this sound familiar?

Now of course if you only have a relatively small amount of vehicles and drivers then why would you employ a full time fleet manager, it wouldn’t make sense and the costs wouldn’t be justified. However, the legal obligations and cost concerns are exactly the same regardless of how many vehicles and drivers you have within the business. But of course you still want to be legal, save money, reduce fleet down time, minimise accidents and be as efficient as possible right? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all the benefits of a fully qualified and accredited fleet professional but without the wage bill? Now you can…

Our Solutions and USP

Our suite of industry leading fleet solutions designed specifically for the SME solve all of these problems and relieve your fleet pain:

Whatever your requirements or concerns as an SME running vehicles as part of your business we have the skills and solutions to assist you.
Our products and services are available on an inclusive or modular basis and can be delivered either with your assistance or on a fully outsourced basis.

How much will it cost?
Much less than you think! We have a range of solutions that we recommend based on your actual requirements.  Through a bespoke as standard approach all of KeyFleets services have been designed with a return on your investment in mind and in most cases our involvement is cost neutral or cost positive.

Ask yourself, how much is it costing you at the moment to manage your fleet on a job share basis incorrectly and illegally? What are the penalties or consequences for getting it wrong?

Will I get value for money?
We only work with businesses with which we can have a positive impact. If we don’t feel as though you need our help or that we can’t offer you value for money we won’t offer you a solution. It has to work for you. By employing our services we become part of your team, working to your objectives, reducing your costs, increasing your compliance and improving your bottom line.

You have nothing to lose. Many clients just are not sure of their position or how to improve. Contact us today on 03303 13 11 11 and arrange a no obligation consultation with one of our fleet professionals.