KeyFleet has joined its sixth BNI group, having supplied £1 million worth of vehicles since first joining!

KeyFleet is proud to now have seven members of staff with active roles in six BNI chapters across Lancashire.

Our MD Marc said: “Referral marketing is core to our marketing strategy, with the BNI givers gain philosophy adopted at board level and throughout the company.

I personally was the first of us to join BNI back in 2017. Since then we have supplied over £1 million worth of vehicles and BNI directly accounts for around 30% of our business

We absolutely follow the BNI processes and have found that is the greatest route to success. We have a team BNI meeting every week involving all seven staff involved in the six chapters to see who we can help across the multiple chapters we are involved with. There is nothing truer than the BNI ethos of Givers Gain, and we have found if you help others in business, they will help you, simple as that.”

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